Sunday, November 23, 2008

Starting at the Beginning

I decided a while ago that I wanted to start a blog completely dedicated to the cakes and other yummies I make. It's become a real passion of mine, and I want to record my works. :-)

That said, I've made quite a few things up to now.. So I have some back-posting to do!

And awaaaaay we go!


Silkymits2000 said...

Well Annie. I loved your hand writing on the cakes. A lot of decorators just struggle with that but yours is excellent. Your cup cakes look great too. The gory head was amazing and the eyeballs. I never ever saw anything like that and being a cake decorator myself that really says something. You got my attention. I understand you wanting to own a cake shop. I did it and you can too. Good luck girl. Go for it.

Annie said...

Silkymits2000, I think I appreciate your comment more than you could know. :-) It's really, really encouraging when someone (besides friends or family) tells you they've enjoyed your work. Thanks SO much for the sweet words.

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