Friday, January 30, 2009

Make Cake, Make Money.

Time once again for a work montage! Yay! Work's been really busy... I guess that means I still have a job, although our hours continue to get cut... We're expected to produce the same with less help... Ah well, at least I'm lucky enough to still be employed.

a trio of cakes made for... maybe triplets? the mom wanted them to look like fireworks.

a WOW (world of warcraft) cake for some little boy. he must play a LOT, 'cause the gear on that guy looks pretty high level for someone that's just turning 9!!

WOW cupcakes to go with the boy's WOW cake. if you're unfamiliar with the game, the !'s and ?'s are in the game to show available quests ( ! ) and quests ready to turn in ( ? )... i was told to match the cupcakes to his cake, but that was all... i came up with the ! and ? and thought it was a great idea. i was completely ready to offer the mom an explanation when she came in, if she didn't understand the significance, but she didn't seem to care. :-) apparently, she was embarrassed her son wanted a WOW cake at all.

ugh.. seriously, i'm so tired of anything twilight, and i haven't even seen the movie or read the books. i did this for a girl's birthday, and i have a feeling it won't be the last one i do.

curious george is floating through the sky... i tried to make the top border look like clouds, and the bottom border is grass..

small 12 ct cupcake cake done for an ex-coworker's birthday.

one of the many MANY specialty barbie cakes we have to make at work... i especially like this one because of all the fun swirlies.

i love this cake for two reasons: the awesomely cool tie dye with the bright colors, and the fact that the girl's nickname is "beanie." LOVE it.

so. the little boy this cake was made for loves two things: horses, and batman. i was told to join the two for his cake. i like to think batman has decided to become eco-friendly and is trying to keep exhaust out of the atmosphere.. thus, he's taken to horseback! :-)

for a wedding shower, or engagement party, maybe? i'm not sure which. used the pattern and colors of a plate for this design.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Very Zombie Xmas

I had a great time with my family over Christmas this year. It's myself and my fiance, my younger brother and his girlfriend, and my parents, all living at my parents' house right now... With Brandon and I saving up for our wedding and going to school, and Bryan, my younger brother, finishing up school, my parents have been entirely too gracious, letting us live there. So we have a full house, plus my older brother Paul and his wife, Jesi, were able to come over as well. I made pop-up pancakes (pancakes put in muffin pans for single-serve deliciousness), quiche -one sausage, one bacon- fried potatoes, and juice... I've gotta say, it was incredibly awesome.

My point of all this mouth-watering talk, is that after breakfast, we had a little birthday celebration for Paul. His birthday's on Christmas Eve, so we always try to separate the two holidays. I made him a cake this year, since he was coming over to the house.

Paul loves zombie movies. Well, in general, Paul loves zombies. When I first started thinking of what I wanted to do for him, I went through several ideas... I knew I wanted to do something either music or movie related. I chose movies, and then I had it narrowed down to Pulp Fiction or zombies. Zombies won out.

I scoured the internet looking for inspiration... I found some really really great cupcakes on flickr that I fell in love with... So I bought some of my own chocolate molds and modeled my cupcakes after those. The actual cake was a bit more difficult. I couldn't find anything I really liked, so I had to come up with my own design. I created a decapitated zombie cake, with worms and eyeballs and rotted teeth... And of course lots of blood and brains.

The cake was red velvet cake, covered in cream cheese frosting, then covered in fondant. Airbrushed to look dead-ish.. I made the eyeballs out of fondant and painted them with my airbrush color... They set out overnight so they'd harden a little. The only part that was inedible on the cake was the teeth-- they were just a cheap pair of rotting teeth like you'd get at a halloween shop or something.

I wish I'd remembered to take pictures of the actual process, but I was so busy trying to get it done (what with all the other pre-holiday festivities and baking going on-- it WAS Xmas Eve, after all!) I totally forgot until the very end.

Enough blabbing, I suppose. Here's the final product-- Decapitated Zombie Head, with Brains Cupcakes:

(After all, nothing says Merry Christmas like a decapitated zombie.)

Paul's zombie head cake:

Brains Cupcakes.... With a *hint* of eyeball. :-) :

Group shot of cupcakes and cake:

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