Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar

The cakes I'm most proud of are the ones I think up and create at home... However, there are some work-related cakes I have really enjoyed making. So, from time to time, I want to include a compilation of the cakes I've done at work.

This is one of those posts.

Magician's cake:
The lady that ordered this cake gave me specific instruction to "make the rabbit as cheesy as the magician who's attending the party." :-)

MU Tigers cookie cake:

Unicorn cake:
Used a design off of an invitation (or a birthday card, I can't remember which) for this little girl's cake.

Bridal Shower cake:
This design came from an invitation a woman brought to me. This is one of my favorites from work... I added edible glitter to the dress to make it sparkly. :-) ...I love shiny things.

Bud Light, 21st Birthday cake:
This one was really fun to do... I did it looking off of an actual Bud Light bottle. You'll never know how tempted I was to have one of those while I worked!!

Surfing themed pullapart cupcake cake:
The mother that ordered this cake brought in a picture for me to draw from. I changed up the colors and the background some..

Disney Princess Belle, petit cake:
This wasn't for a special order, just for our cake case... Also made are Tinkerbell, Aurora, Cinderella, Barbie, and Belle.

Hello Kitty cake:
I was given a birthday card for reference on this cake... Had a lot of fun doing this one. Both the mom and the girl were sooo excited when they saw this!

Happy Birdday:
Cutest birthday message ever! Guest left it up to me on the design of the duck.. I thought this little guy was cute. :-)

Seinfeld Caricature cookie cake:
I made this one for the brother of a guy I work with. He loves Seinfeld.. Obviously!

Fall-themed birthday cake:
This one probably wouldn't have made it into the group of work cakes I love, but autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors in this.. And I like how the roses turned out.

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