Thursday, November 26, 2009

Under the Big Top, The Finale!

I've been so caught up with life, I totally forgot I never posted Ava's circus in it's completed glory!

Well. Life. It's been crazy. In the past two months I've been sick three times. I kid you not. I had the flu, I had the SWINE flu, and I'm now just getting over a cold. At the time of little Ava's birthday party (over the span of about 10 days, including Halloween), I had the Swine. I actually had just started feeling a bit better on Halloween... I had to finish up details on her cakes wearing gloves and a surgical mask so I wouldn't risk infecting her or her party goers. ...needless to say, I did NOT attend that party. :-(

But, Ava's mom, Beth, said everyone had a great time, and the cakes and accouterments turned out wonderfully. Beth and her family did a great job getting everything set up!

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