Thursday, November 26, 2009


My husband and I love sushi. It's a simple fact. Another fact is he had a birthday on the 14th. And I made him a cake yesterday. :-) It was actually supposed to get done on the 16th (I have the ability to postpone birthdays until I have the spare time to make a cake... It's my super power. :-)), but like I mentioned in my last post, I caught a cold, and after being sick for the third time, well... I had just kind of lost all ability to care about gathering enough energy to do much of anything, really. So I'm finally feeling better, despite a head full of... Gross things that have no place in a discussion about cake. :-) My point is, Brandon finally got his birthday. And it was chock full o' sushi goodness.

He had mentioned (months ago, right after we went to the theatre and saw the latest Harry Potter movie) that he just HAD to have a Harry Potter cake. Months later, I asked him again, and after he said, "Dragon Age!!" (his new obsession, an XBOX 360 game) and I said, "Uhh, I don't know enough about that.. Pick something else." He decided that Harry Potter would still be OK to do. But, as it wasn't something he was currently super into (currently as in these next 5 minutes before he finds some other shiny object that catches his attention ;-)), I thought I'd try to think of something else to do. And I settled on sushi.

It was actually super fun to make... The cake part was really simple-- He wanted carrot cake, so I just baked a regular 2-layer 8" round carrot cake, and iced it with cream cheese icing. I airbrushed it golden brown & dark brown, to kinda resemble wood, like how some sushi restaurants serve their dishes.

The sushi rolls were made out of rice krispy treats. I made it regularly (Rice Krispy cereal, marshmallows, butter) and spread/flattened it out on some parchment paper to the thickness of about the thickness of sushi rolls. I trimmed off the excess around the edges so I had a big rectangle shape. I was able to make two different rolls out of the rectangle I had. I used fruit roll ups on the rolls that had the "seaweed wraps" on the insides of the rolls, and I used fondant for the rolls with the "seaweed wraps" on the outsides. The insides I had icing (cream cheese), green M&M's (avacado), and gummy worms (the fish). I used the extra Rice Krispy scraps to make some nigiri sushi (the oblong lumps of rice with a piece of raw fish laying across the top).. I made some "tuna nigiri" and "salmon nigiri," both using fondant for the raw fish part.

I also made some fondant ginger, wasabi, and chopsticks. :-)

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