Wednesday, December 31, 2008


And by WOW, I don't mean a cry of surprise... I mean the virtual expanse that is the World Of Warcraft. With over 11.5 million monthly subscribers, you know there's something to it. So my little brother Bryan is a huge fan. And when I say a huge fan, I mean that in every sense of the word. He plays. A lot.

Oh, he's also a big fan of strawberries. :-D

What might you have when you put the two together? Why, maybe a WOW cake and some strawberry cupcakes!

So, back in April, I joined two of his loves together... Now, the cake didn't turn out exactly like I'd hoped it would... I should've spent more time on the keyboard. I spent a lot of time on the drawing/computer screen...

Anyway, it was a nice reaction when he walked into the kitchen and he thought the cake was an actual laptop. That made it worth it. But hey, he probably had WOW on the brain... ;-)

Here's the "laptop screen" depicting the WOW login page:

And here's a scrumptious strawberry cupcake:

Finally, a group shot:

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