Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Les Tetons

My mom loves the Teton mountains. She grew up around that area-- her grandfather owned a cabin around there and she's reminisced many-a-time about Sunday morning breakfasts.

I try to cater each cake I do to the person I make it for. What fun is it if you don't make it personal? So for mom, back in September, I decided to express her love for those mountains in edible form. After all, love=food, right? ;-)

I made it with chocolate cake and cream cheese icing.. The mountains were made from cupcakes covered in mounds of extra icing. And then it was airbrushed, of course. This was actually the first cake I did after Brandon had gotten me my airbrush machine... It was terribly exciting for me to be able to use my very own at home, and not just at work!

Here are the Tetons:

Also, a shot of Mom blowing out her candles:

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