Monday, February 2, 2009

Simply Lovely

Mmm... Several reasons the following set of edibles makes me happy:

They're covered in melted fudge
Well, they're cupcakes!
I think they're absolutely adorable.
In the single cupcake picture, it reminds me of a Rothko.
The lighting by the breakfast table is ALWAYS lovely. I thoroughly enjoy photographing my edibles on or around that table.

So of course, Valentine's Day is coming up, and we're making lots of different stuff at work. I made a ton of these cupcakes today, and just had to bring some home with me after I was finished.

My army of cupcakes... Yes, I am building an army of cupcakes... And out of the darkness they shall rise, in all of their fudgy glory:

Here's my unintentional Rothko:

And a shot of a few of 'em (the ones I brought home) all cozied up together.


katie beth said...

Hi! You posted right before me on Bakerella's dining out dessert blog... and I LOVED chocolate lasagne. I used to get it, eat half, and half the other half for breakfast the next morning. I seriously don't even go to OG anymore because I miss it everytime I'm there.

And btw: The cupcakes look fantastic!

Annie said...

So sorry I never responded! I guess my notices aren't set for e-mails or what not.. :-)

But YES, I was soooo disappointed too! I do still go, because I love their soup and breadsticks (and pasta, of course).. But I still feel like crying every time I go to order dessert!

And thanks so much for the great compliment :-) Have a great week!

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